Burst Pipes • Flooding • Fire • Smoke Damage • Wind/Hail Damage

You hope it never happens. But disasters occur all the time and the aftermath can be devastating in terms of property damage, business interruption and loss of customers or staff. You can’t always predict when disaster will strike or the impact it may have on your business. But you can take steps to ensure a faster and more effective recovery if the unthinkable happens. It begins with an Emergency Response Program.

The ERP Solution
An Emergency Response Program is a disaster recovery plan for the commercial business owners and property managers. Created and administered by Craftsmanworks Restoration Services. An ERP is a contractual agreement detailing recovery services performed should disaster strike your operation.

A plan to calm the chaos
Establishing your company as one of our pre-registered customers adds an extra measure of preparedness to your contingency plan and provides peace of mind in the event of a disaster. With an ERP on file, a single telephone call to one of our offices is all that’s needed to initiate recovery services, minimize business interruption and loss of revenue, and get your business up and running as quickly as possible.

Pre-Registration has its benefits
• Immediate emergency services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
• No surprises. All emergency services and contractual agreements are specified before disaster happens.
• Expert services are provided by highly trained professionals.
• Services and costs are pre-approved by your insurance broker or agent.

How it works
An effective ERP is one that merges seamlessly with your existing contingency plan and addresses your specific business needs. Before crafting your contractual agreement, our representatives will work with you and your insurance agent or broker to review your insurance policy and coverages. We will then complete your contractual agreement including pre-determined services, rates and response times.

Your one-stop recovery shop
With Craftsmanworks Restoration Services in your corner, you can count on complete recovery services ranging from emergency response to final reconstruction work.

24-hour emergency response
• Fire, flood and smoke damage
• Debris removal
• Board-ups
• Roof covers
• Water extraction

Contents restoration
• On-location cleaning
• Pack-outs for off-site cleaning and storage
• Document restoration and preservation
• Electronics restoration

Reconstruction and restoration
• Minor repairs
• Complete demolition and rebuilding
• In-house cabinet and finish work

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