Craftsmanworks understands that suffering a fire loss can be a devastating and frightening experience. The last thing that you want to think about is cleaning up afterwards. After a fire, we act quickly to contain the damage and evaluate the scope of restoration. Because our technicians are sensitive to your need to recover as much of your property as possible, we use time-tested techniques in helping you put the pieces back together again. Our team works closely with you and the insurance company to expedite the recovery process.

Due to the unique behavior of smoke, fire restoration may not be simple. It is important to have an
experienced restoration team on your side.



Many types of damage can occur to your property at any time. You may not know when an accident is going to happen or how extensive the damage is going to be, but knowing that a professional restoration company is ready to respond and manage the situation is a welcome thought. Water can severely damage structures, surfaces, and other contents if it is not treated quickly and properly. We provide 24-hour emergency services for all types of water damage. Our company offers complete water extraction, clean-up and repair of all surfaces and areas. This is very important due to the negative health effects mold can cause as well as its destructive effects on properties. Our prompt treatment will help limit the magnitude of damage by properly handling such things as:



Packouts require meticulous care to fully document, digitally photograph or video all contents before removal from the damaged structure. All contents are stored in our climate-controlled, 24 hour secured facility. You can be assured that your furniture, clothing and other important belongings will be taken care of quickly, carefully and professionally.

While many of your most cherished items may seem beyond repair, our trained and experienced staff will work with you to evaluate what can be cleaned, repaired or restored. When your house is once again your home, you can count on us to help put it back in order. Our prompt treatment will help limit the magnitude of damage by properly handling such things as:


Fire • Flood • Wind • Hail

Craftsmanworks offers a variety of commercial and residential reconstruction services. We have 16 years of experience providing customized solutions and single source responsibility for all phases of reconstruction. It can be as simple as removing and replacing dry wall due to water damage or it can be a very complex job involving a variety of structural concerns. If the damage is severe enough, it might be a total rebuild from the ground up.

CRS knows how to work in "tight places" where the safety and convenience of other residents is a primary concern. Our scheduling, planning, active job supervision and coordination keeps inconvenience at a minimum, and safety at a maximum. Our team and staff are knowledgeable, well trained, and prepared to deal with the most complicated plans and specifications to complete your project on time and at the least possible cost. Our prompt treatment will help limit the magnitude of damages by properly handling such things as:

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